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airbnb decorating services

Are you making as much money as you could on your Airbnb?  Is your guest experience f*ing amazing?  If not, why not???  If you have the coolest place around, people will come back!  They will give rave reviews and refer you to their friends!  You can post amazing pictures and write a kick-ass description of your place!  More business.  More money per night.  More, more, more!  I mean, need I say more???

contact me and let's get started!

initial consultation

On-site visit to check out your space and brainstorm the possibilities together.  I'll bring a handful of concept images, based on our initial phone call, to help narrow things down a bit.  I'll gather as much information as possible regarding the big picture goals - theme, color scheme, timeframe, budget range, etc., so I can develop a proposal that makes sense.


concept design

We start by analyzing the existing space and visualizing the new concept.  We delve into the desired experience for the guest so we can bring that vision to life!  We explore the extensive world of color and light, look at concept imagery, furniture styles, and narrow down the budget.

We are dialing in on "the big idea" so by the end of this process we have the concept locked & loaded, and I can start finding the gems necessary to make your dream a reality!


design development

By the time we begin this phase, I know exactly how much money you want to spend (or not spend!) and when you wish you have everything finished.  I will be searching high and low to find the specific pieces we need.  I will create electronic design boards and present a detailed, line-item budget with lead times listed for each item.  We will make any last-minute adjustments and finalize everything.



We start placing orders, lining up painters, planning for furniture assembly, clearing the room(s) out, staging, and get ready for installation day!  Then, finally, the big day!