in the vorteks

initial consultation


On-site visit to see the space, understand how it's being used, and how it makes you feel.  Get your thoughts on style and color, and understand what kind of experience you'd like to have once the work is finished.  I'll bring concept imagery with me, based on our initial phone call, so we can start to identify your likes and dislikes.  

We'll talk about your budget range, so i can create a proposal that makes sense.  People tend to get weirded out when it comes to setting a budget.  The thing is, you can source everything at ikea for $38 or you can custom order the same number of pieces for $50K.  We need a starting point range, so we know where we're shopping!

Soon after this visit, a detailed proposal is sent, which includes the scope of the project, how we're going to make it happen, the design fee, and the overall cost range.


concept design

Color scheme options are created, and a considerable amount of concept imagery and furniture samples are collected, so we can start to narrow down the big idea.  

On-site visit to take tons of pictures, collect detailed measurements, and review and refine the concept options.  We'll narrow down the color scheme, and talk about lighting, furniture and accessory possibilities.  We'll also identify any existing pieces that can be refinished/refreshed/repurposed and come to an agreement on what's gotta go!


design development

A floor plan, electronic design boards that include pics of the items to be purchased, and possibly a 3D model will be created.  A detailed budget for all recommended items, along with expected lead times for each, will be developed.

On-site visit to review the models and boards, and make any necessary adjustments.

A final product list and budget is sent for approval, before orders are placed.



The final implementation schedule will be developed, we'll line up the painters, arrange for furniture assembly, etc., and start sourcing the products!  

Everything will be in and assembled before installation day, so you can experience the new space all at once!